Modular Horse Stalls (Pre-Fab Style)

Modular Horse Stalls (Pre-Fab Style)
Designed so that the fronts can be reversed to allow the sliding door position to be left or right. All latches are spring loaded and without protrusions to be safe and horse proof. Heavy brackets (2, 3, or 4 way) lock fronts and sides together and are provided at no extra charge. Stall height is 7 ft. The door is equipped with an anti-liftoff bracket and stay brackets. Each stall front has a swing-out feed door and a swing-out on the stall door which acts as a gossip door. Door rollers are designed for smooth and quiet operation. Fully welded construction (painted steel stalls only) using 2" structural steel for durability with 3/4" square tube grills on 4" centers make these stalls portable and strong. Can be used as both a portable stall or set permanently! No fastening of boards is necessary. Simply cut boards to length and drop into channels. Wood is not provided, but 2 x 6 tongue and groove is recommended for sturdiness and appearance.

Insert boards vertically or horizontally, your choice! Fronts are equipped with two swing out doors. One is on the sliding door and the other is on the stationary part of the stall front for feeding.

All of our combination feeders can be easily installed on the swing out feed door.

Unique latches eliminate any sharp protrusions and operate with one hand.

Aesthetic, tough, 2" square tube (16 gauge) frame (equivalent to 2 round tubing) with 3/4" square tube grill bars (equivalent to 1" round tubing) on 4 centers (3 1/4" open space).

Call 1-800-335-1880 for a freight estimate on Modular Stall panels.

The Modular Stall Walls arrive on a semi-truck with enclosed trailer. It is the customer's responsibility to unload. These are fully assembled stall walls (no lumber) the measure 7'6" high x 10-12' long. (you will need to hang the door on the front wall frame during installation) The walls are stacked vertically on a steel skid that can be unloaded by equipment with forks or unloaded individually by 3-4 strong people. It is the customer's responsibility to provide an address where a semi-truck can get in to make a delivery and to have the necessary equipment or people on site to unload. If you cannot accept this type of delivery at your location, the shipment may be picked up at the freight terminal. You would need a flatbed trailer to haul them. When the order ships from our factory we will email you the tracking information and a contact phone number for the freight carrier. Once it arrives at the delivering terminal they will contact you to schedule delivery.
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