Horse Stall Kits Black Painted Steel

Horse Stall Kits Black Painted Steel
Steel Horse Stall Doors & Grill Units Build or convert your horse stalls into a professional show barn with easy to install, economical, and rugged stall grill and stall door panels. Each panel includes a 4 ft. long channel at the top and bottom welded to 34 inch long heavy gauge 5/8" square vertical bars on 4 inch centers. The door frame is constructed identically and measures 4 ft. wide by 7 ft. high. Vertical side channels allow standard 2 inch lumber (1 1/2 inch thick) to be slid into place and bolted at the bottom. A top board cavity is available for supporting sliding door hangers Building or Remodeling? Using the 4 ft. sections, any size stalls can be built (8ft, 10 ft, 12 ft). Also, odd sizes can easily be cut with a standard hacksaw. Example: a 12 ft. stall front would require 2 each 4 ft. sections and 1 each 4 x 7 door frame. Removable side stall walls can be made using our 7 ft. long wall channel designed to accept standard 2 inch lumber (1 1/2 inch thick). Great For Foaling Stalls!

1. Typical Requirements for 12' Stall Front 1 ea CM80 Standard Grill 1 ea CM82 Grill with Opening or CM80 Standard Grill 1 ea. CM81 Door Frame Assembly 1 ea CM84 Door Hardware Kit

2. Typical Requirements for 10' Stall Front Same as 12 ft. except 1 ea CM80 is 2 ft.

2. Side Wall Partitions 2 ea CM83 Wall Channels for each partition. Use CM80 for ventilated partitions. (Use 3 Units for 12' Wall).

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